Your pets are part of your family. Even when you can't be home for them, you can still provide the same love and attention that you do when you're away. That's exactly what we do at Pets-ercise.

Never feel guilty again about being away from your pet for hours or days at a time. Each pet will enjoy individualized attention from a caring professional, and will be relaxed and happy to see you when you return. We'll show your pets how much YOU care!

Certified, CPR and First Aid qualified, Bonded and Insured.
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What our clients say

"You are extremely responsive and your comprehensive paperwork makes us feel comfortable and confident leaving Iggy with you. You are also a wonderful person!! Thank you!"
- Dan and Danielle

Happy Pets & Owners

Your pet will be happier because:

  • Less Stress - Pets remain comfortably at home in their safe and familiar environment.

  • Health - By not going to the kennel, you’ll reduce your pet’s exposure to illnesses and stress.

  • Routine - Pets will thrive by remaining on their normal diet and feeding schedule.

  • Care - Your pet receives the same love and attention that you would give them if you were home.

You're happy because:

  • Home - Not only do you have a pet sitter; you have a house sitter as well.

  • Peace of Mind - Leave your home knowing that your pet is in loving, qualified hands.

  • Transportation - We’ll come to you; no need to adjust your schedule to accommodate limited kennel hours.

  • Returning home - When you return, your well-cared-for pet will be waiting there with open paws.

Personalized pet care that adapts to YOUR lifestyle and guarantees your peace of mind.